School Values & Ethos

Our school aims:
  • To strive for excellence
  • To promote success and cooperation
  • To develop lively and inquiring minds to prepare children for life by learning
  • To involve staff and children in self -evaluation to improve performance
  • To value every child’s contribution
  • To develop a caring attitude towards each other
  • To play a full part in helping each child to realise their potential


 Our school charter:


We will show rights respecting behaviour by…

We have the right to the best possible education.

Trying our best and letting others learn.

We have the right to be treated with respect.

Getting to know each other.

Being a good listener and

Being kind friends.

We have the right to be kept safe.

Acting safely and sensibly around school.

We have the right to enjoy ourselves at school and make friends.

Being kind friends.

Thinking about others feelings

Being respectful on the playground.

We have the right to be treated as who we are including; faith talents skills and thoughts.

Respecting the different opinions, faiths and skills of others.