Who's Who


 Senior Leadership Team

Suzy Hayward Executive Head 
 Andrew Brown  Head of School (DSL)
 Justine Collinson  Deputy Head of School



   Year 3 Team
David Jardine Class Teacher
Nikki Mathieson Class Teacher
Karen Edmonds Class Teacher
Judith Metcalf TA
Mark Melaney TA
Chris Butler TA
   Year 4 team
Charlie Richardson Class Teacher
Alison Farwell Class Teacher 
Karen Walsh   Class Teacher 
Claire Harding Class Teacher
   Year 5 team
Maria Anwyll Class Teacher
Claire Robjohns  Class Teacher
Georgina Whitford Class Teacher
   Year 6 team
Angie Gillies Class Teacher
Jane Kelly Class Teacher
Owen Adams Class Teacher
Maisie Dudley TA
Andrew Mannouch TA
Abbie Wilke TA

Laura Coole

 Pupil Premium Teacher




 Educational Support

   Pastoral Care
 Michaela Budden  Pastoral Care Worker
   Teaching Assistants
 Sue Gillingham  HLTA & Breakfast Club Supervisor
 Margaret Mair  Teaching Assistant (Interventions)
 Claire Greene  1-2-1 Teaching Assistant
 Dawn Cox  1-2-1 Teaching Assistant
Tessa Paterson TA
 Annie Cherrett  Teaching Assistant & Breakfast Club
 Zoe Hobbs  Teaching Assistant
 Maria Howie  Teaching Assistant
 Emma Leddin Teaching Assistant 
   Technical Support
 Owen Hurrell  ICT Manager
 Jackie Prior  Reprographics Officer


 Admin Team

Julie Atkinson Business Manager
Karen Clark Administrator 
Lucy Feltham Administrator


 Premises Staff

 Murray Noble  Site Manager
 Carl Pearson  Assistant Caretaker


 Midday Supervisors / Cleaners

  Lynette Brewer   Midday Supervisor / Relief Cleaner
  Donna Blandamer  Midday Supervisor
  Lynn Garnham  Midday Supervisor / Cleaner in Charge
  Jemma Garnham  Midday Supervisor / Cleaner
  Dawn Terry  Midday Supervisor
  Debbie Absolom  Midday Supervisor
  Kerry Witherington  Midday Supervisor / Cleaner
  Erline Tucker-Worth  Midday Supervisor / Cleaner
  Laura Mone  Midday Supervisor
  Lucy Feltham  Midday Supervisor / Office Cover.
  Donna Warren  Cleaner
  Chloe Reeks  Cleaner
  Angela Armon  Cleaner
  Tanya Reeks  Cleaner