Livingstone Federation Summary Register of Business Interests

Name Governor Type Date of Appointement Term of Office Date Stepped Down Appointed by Business & Pecuniary Interest Governance Roles in other Educational Institution Material interests arising from relationships between governors and school staff
Diane Annear Co-opted 1/1/15 4 years   Federation None None None
Andrew Brown Ex-officio   -   - None None None
Carol Brown Co-opted 1/1/15 4 years   Federation Employed by Livingstone Federation    
Bert Buckley Co-opted 1/1/15 4 years   Federation None None None
Diana Crisp Co-opted 1/1/15 4 years   Federation None None None
Anna Harris Parent 4/2/15 4 years   Parent Election None None None
Suzy Hayward Co-opted 6/9/17 -   Federation None None None
Zoe Lambert Co-opted 1/1/15 4 years   Federation Employed by Livingstone Federation None None
Peter Leddin Co-opted 1/1/15 4 years 2/10/17 Federation Employed by St James Primary Academy None Wife employed by Livingstone Federation
Sandra Mackrow Parent       Parent Election      
Wendy Olive Co-opted 1/1/15 4 years   Federation None None None
Quenten Walker Co-opted 1/1/15 4 years   Federation Director of Fitkid Ltd None None
Darryl Walsh Ex-officio 1/1/15 -   Federation Step-father - plumbing company   Wife employed as supply teacher


Anna Harris, Chair of Governors and Parent Governor

I first started volunteering as a Parent Governor in 2008. I am assistant manager of a local disability rights organisation, supporting adults who have a learning disability to speak up for themselves.  I also hold a Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector.  I am passionate about making a difference and working together to give the children in our local community the very best start in life.

Wendy Olive, Vice-chair of Governors and Co-opted Governor

I have been a governor for over ten years, initially as a parent governor at Branksome Heath and later as a co-opted governor of the federation.  I have been volunteering at my daughters’ schools for the past 15 years and have taken a keen interest in their education.  I want to ensure that children from our local community have the best possible opportunities to be the best they can be and reach their full potential.

Quenten Walker, Chair of Resources Committee and Co-opted Governor

I have been a governor since 1990.  During that time I have been a governor at five schools in the Poole area.  I have not only been Chair of Governors on more than one occasion, but I have also chaired many committees and been Chair of Poole Governors’ Forum.  Making a difference, no matter how small, it what is most important to me.

Carol Brown, Staff Governor

I am part of the admin team in the office at Sylvan.  I became a governor in 2008 and greatly enjoy the role of 'critical friend', providing both challenge and support to our Primary Federation. Through all the challenges that governance brings, I try to draw on my background in education and my experience as a parent in order to champion the people at the heart of the schools: the pupils and staff.

Bert Buckley, Co-opted Governor

I first became a governor in 2014.  My background is in construction and further education, with expertise in HR.  My interest is Maths and, having taught school leavers Maths, I realise the importance of a strong foundation on those essential skills from an early age.

Diana Crisp, Monitoring responsibility for Achievement, Co-opted Governor

I have been a governor since the federation began in 2015 and was a governor at Sylvan prior to that.  I am very committed to working for the federation and now with the Hamwic Education Trust.  I have been a teacher for 30 years, 23 of those in Poole.  I now work with student teachers linked to a university, and mentor them when they are on teaching practice.  This has helped me to keep up to date with new government policies.

Zoe Lambert, Co-opted Governor

I take an active role in school life and have been chair at Pinocchio’s Pre-School and am currently chair of the federation’s PTFA.  I live within this community and my children have gone through both schools.  I want to make sure that all children have the same opportunities.

Michael Lesser, Co-opted Governor

My first career was in commerce and business based in Fife, Aberdeen and London. My second career commenced in 1990 when I returned to education - I taught at three schools during a teaching career of twenty-three years.  During the last five years, I have been a Magistrate and am active both in criminal and family courts.  I am also a panelist with the National College of Teaching and Leadership and regularly sit on national teacher misconduct cases. I continue to have a passionate interest in education and as a result am also a Governor of two Dorset secondary schools and one primary school.

Sandra Mackrow, Parent Governor

I was a governor at both Sylvan and Branksome Heath before the two schools federated.  I am a mum to six children who have all attended both schools and now my grandson is following in their footsteps.  I have strong links within the local community and am proactive in supporting many areas of school life, including the PTFA.  I value education and follow my children through their educational journey, seeing and understanding the federation’s changes and challenges, and also working to give something back.