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Branksome Heath Junior School

Opportunity - Excellence - Partnership

Full Governing Body 

The Governing Body takes a strategic role, acts as a critical friend to the School and is accountable for its decisions.

The Governing Body meets 5 times per year.

  1. To set the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school and appoint a senior leadership team to implement this
  2. To agree constitutional matters, including procedures where the Governing Body has discretion
  3. To draw up the instrument of government and any amendments thereafter
  4. To recruit new members as vacancies arise and to appoint new governors where appropriate and oversee arrangements for their induction
  5. To appoint or remove the Chair and Vice Chair
  6. To appoint or remove a Clerk to the Governing Body
  7. To establish the committees of the Governing Body and their terms of reference and to appoint or remove a Clerk to each committee
  8. To suspend a governor
  9. To annually decide which functions of the Governing Body will be delegated to committees, groups and individuals
  10. To receive reports from any individual or committee to whom a decision has been delegated and to consider whether any further action by the Governing Body is necessary
  11. To complete the self-evaluation of Governing body skills and competencies to ensure members have the necessary skills to perform their roles
  12. To agree the financial authorisation limits for both school’s relevant staff
  13. To review extended day provisions and decide if these should continue
  14. To review and make revisions to policies as set out in the policy review schedule on page 38
  15. To set up a Register of Governors’ Business Interests in line with pecuniary interests
  16. To review and monitor the Summary School Evaluation Form annually
  17. To formally approve and adopt the Federation Improvement Plan and Governor Action Plan
  18. To review and formally approve the Governing Body Action plan on an annual basis                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  19. To consider training requirements on a regular basis to include whole Governing Body and Individual Governor training
  20. To ensure all documents required under statutory regulation are reviewed and published on the schools’ websites
  21. To seek advice from BoP when needed with regard to building and personal liability insurance
  22. To publish proposals to change category of school and to decide whether to convert to an academy
  23. To consider requests from other schools to join the federation
  24. To decide to leave a federation

Membership:               As per the Instrument of Government

Disqualification:            As per Regulation 20 and Schedule 6 of the Constitution Regulations     

Quorum:                      One half of the number of Governors in post

FGB Membership



Head of School

Andrew Brown

Darryl Walsh


To be elected


Sandra Mackrow

Anna Harris



Quenten Walker

Wendy Olive

Carol Brown

Diana Crisp

Diane Annear

Peter Leddin

Zoe Lambert

Bert Buckley






Tom Walters


Attendance September 2015 - August 2016

Diane Annear 63%

Bert Buckley 100%

Zoe Lambert 63%

AnneMarie Lithgow 50%

Carol Brown 75%

Anna Harris 100%

Peter Leddin 25%

Sandra Mackrow 100%

Andrew Brown 75%

Diana Crisp 88%

Sarah Lee 100%

Wendy Olive 100%

Quenten Walker 88%

Tom Walters 88%

Darryl Walsh 100%






If you wish to see the minutes of any of the meetings please contact the clerk to Governors (