Branksome Heath Junior School

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Resources Committee

This committee meets at least 3 times per year 

  • Terms of Reference

    1. To receive at each meeting reports and recommendations from the Governors with individual responsibilities for Finance, Staffing, Premises & Health and Safety
    2. In consultation with the Executive Head of Federation and Finance Governor, approve the first formal budget plan of the financial year, carry out revisions and monitor the budget (termly), except in the case of a forecast deficit balance requiring a full review of budgets/restructuring, when ratification and revisions should be sought from the FGB in an emergency meeting.
    3. To establish and maintain an up to date 3 year financial plan, and where that plan falls into deficit balance in any year to inform the FGB at the next meeting or in an emergency meeting
    4. To consider a budget position statement including virement decisions at least termly, and provide updates at the FGB meetings where overspend on the total budget is predicted to exceed £10,000
    5. To review the Outturn Report and report any significant variances from the original budget to the Governing Body
    6. To receive a copy and confirmation from both SBM’s that the CFR statement has been submitted to the Borough
    7. To consider a medium term plan report annually to inform the recovery of deficit if applicable
    8. To take the recommendation from the Finance Governor to approve both schools annual SFVS
    9. To ensure that both schools operate within the Financial Regulations of the Borough of Poole
    10. To review and agree policies as per the policy review schedule on page 38
    11. To make decisions in respect of service agreements, contracts and insurance
    12. To make decisions on expenditure following recommendations from other committees and governors with individual responsibilities
    13. To be responsible for determining dismissal payments/early retirement
    14. To review, monitor and approve the Governor Allowance policy under delegation
    15. To prepare the Governing Body Value for Money Health Check documentation for approval by the Governing Body
    16. The Chairperson has veto on presence of staff during discussions and or votes
    17. The committee will report to the Full Governing Body


    Current Membership






Bert Buckley


Anna Harris


Michael Lesser


Wendy Olive


Quenten Walker

Resources Committee Attendance September 2016 – August 2017

16/11/2016 15/03/2017 26/04/2017 03/05/2017 03/07/2017
Diane Annear 1 0 1 0 0 2 40%
Bert Buckley 1 1 1 1 1 5 100%
Peter Leddin 1 0 1 1 1 4 80%
Quenten Walker 0 1 1 1 1 4 80%


If you wish to see the minutes of any of the meetings please contact the clerk to Governors (