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Branksome Heath Junior School

Opportunity - Excellence - Partnership

Raising Achievement Committee

 This committee meets at least 3 times per year 

  • Terms of Reference

    1. To receive termly reports and recommendations from Governors with individual responsibilities for Pupil Premium/SEND/Sports Premium, Data/Progress & End of Key Stage Achievement, Engagement and Leadership/Quality of Teaching
    2. To ensure the Focused Working Pairs monitoring group is regularly meeting and updating the plans for future monitoring activity and responding to SIP recommendations
    3. To work with the senior leadership team to develop and improve the priorities allocated to the Raising Achievement Plan and School Development Plan
    4. To set targets for pupil performance and monitor predictions provided by the EHOF
    5. To consider and advise the governing body on standards and other matters relating to both schools’ curriculum
    6. To ensure that the national curriculum is taught to all pupils and decide which subject options should be taught giving regard to resources and flexibility of curriculum
    7. To consider curricular issues which have implications for Finance and Personnel decisions and to make recommendations to the resources committee or full Governing body
    8. To review the provision of RE and that all pupils take part in collective worship meeting statutory requirements
    9. To review the impact of the allocation of Pupil Premium funding and make recommendations to the resources committee or Full Governing Body
    10. To appeal against BoP directions to admit pupils when necessary
    11. To review and agree policies as per the policy review schedule on page 38.
    12. The committee will report to the Full Governing Body
    13. To review and approve the full self-evaluation form for both schools






    Anna Harris

    Chair, Pupil Premium, Sports Premium & SEND, Leadership/ Responsibilities & Quality of Teaching


    Tom Walters

    Pupil Premium, Sports Premium & SEND


    Sandra Mackrow

    Pupil Premium, Sports Premium & SEND, Engagement, Well-being & Behaviour


    Diana Crisp

    Data/Progress & End of Key Stage Achievement,  End of Key Stage Achievement


    Carol Brown

    Data/Progress & End of Key Stage Achievement,  Safeguarding


    Zoe Lambert

    Engagement, Well-being & Behaviour


    Wendy Olive

    Safeguarding, Data & Progress


    Bert Buckley

    Data/Progress & End of Key Stage Achievement, Leadership/ responsibilities and Quality of Teaching





    Your Clerk




RAC committee, formerly School Improvement Committee.

Attendance September 2015 – August 2016

Carol Brown 100%

Zoe Lambert 100%

Sandra Mackrow 83%

Tom Walters 83%

Andrew Brown 100%

Sarah Lee 100%

Wendy Olive 100%

Quenten Walker 67%

Diana Crisp 100%

AnneMarie Lithgow 83%

Darryl Walsh 83%

Bert Buckley 100%

Anna Harris 100%




If you wish to see the minutes of any of the meetings please contact the clerk to Governors (