Many thanks for participating in the Name and Uniform Consultation for Branksome Heath Junior & Sylvan Infant Schools.


The results are IN!


We had around 500 responses. 

• 25 from staff, 

• 338 from pupils, 

• 13 from members of the wider community,

• 4 from Governors,

• 119 parents.  

It's a fairly convincing majority in favour of both motions.


Should we change our name:



Should we change to one uniform:




We've had a great many comments on the survey, thankyou, and we are currently working through them with a view to addressing some of the most recurring comments in future.


The query that has come up repeatedly through the process is the colour green. The comments have ranged across the full spectrum: from a dislike of the colour on principal, to a desire to choose a different shade. We've chosen green for a number of reasons: Firstly it's not widely used in this area, secondly, it's trading on our wonderful grounds and surroundings. 


Our next step is that we'd like you to have your say again on the exact shade. The easiest and most direct way is probably to respond to this survey:



If you wish to see the samples in person there will be opportunities next week at the reception of both schools. Please keep an eye on the usual channels: email, text and Facebook.  


Many thanks for participating in this consultation process.


 The Governors, Staff and Children of Sylvan Infant and Branksome Heath Junior Schools.